How I Built My Website

I'm so impressed! My website is up. The links are working. I'm getting more than 15,000 visitors a month and I'm indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo Search!

Given that I'm taking a fast run through my eighth decade..who woulda thunk?

Am I a Computer Genius?
H - E - double toothpicks - No!

I have trouble installing software even when I follow the Almighty Install Wizard's instructions and I have no idea how to put an icon on the desktop. I don't know how to connect the scanner, the printer, or the speakers to the CPU...though I'm told that if I upgrade (again) that all those little plugs will be colour coded and I should finally be able to handle it.

It's not that I'm stupid or lazy...I just don't want to learn anything else about computers...especially something so esoteric that it goes by the initials HTML instead of by a real name. Sheesh!  Why would I care?

How Did I Get To This Sorry State of Affairs

I entered the computer age in 1982, the year IBM launched their first PC. It had a one-sided floppy disk drive and a much touted 64k of RAM! Even though there's more memory in my watch nowadays, at the time I was puffed!!

But - one week later - the new two-sided floppy disk drives appeared on the market and I found myself a charter member of Computer Upgraders Anonymous.

As the months and years passed by, if I wasn't upgrading hardware I had to shell out for new and improved software.

And while I was trying to keep up with information overload on the personal computer home front I was continually inundated with new things to learn at work. At the time I was employed as a temporary secretary and nothing to do with computers was standard or intuitive in those good old days.  I moved from one assignment to another sometimes in the same week. Almost none of the companies I worked for used the same computer equipment. It meant I had to learn new keystroke patterns to operate whatever software package my newest employer had installed.

Ten years later I'd had enough.

I just refused to learn one more thing about computers.

I'm not proud of it. The position doesn't even serve me well. But, enough is enough.

Yet There Came a Time I Needed a Website

When my back gave me grief, my hip collapsed and my knees actually creaked, I had to stop traveling across the country selling my art and telling my stories.  I needed a website.

I tried to convince my software engineering son to put his life on hold and take care of the problem but he politely suggested that I was a big girl and could handle it myself. 


I didn't want to learn to code, I didn't want to pay big bucks to have someone do it for me and I didn't believe in miracles.

But Then a Miracle Happened Anyway

I found Site Build It - a company that takes you by the hand and shows you how to create a site by dragging and dropping text, headline and photo blocks into position and filling them up with whatever turns your fancy.  

Lots of companies can show you how to do that, you say.

Maybe so, but the reason you should choose Site Build It if you're considering creating your own website is that you can create a site that brings traffic.

There are 200 Million Websites in the World
They All Compete for Traffic

Sadly, even beautiful sites built by professionals fail the traffic test and without traffic a site has no reason to be. 

Site Build It users attract hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of visitors a day! They don't use sneaky SEO tricks and they don't pay to have readers sent in their direction.  SBI'ers just provide the information that people in their niche are looking for.  Simple as that.  Check out their verifiable results!

Google is in the business of helping people find information.  Google knows if a site delivers that information or not.  Those who know how to build a site that over-delivers on what the reader is looking for are rewarded with the much needed traffic.

My Website Connects Me With the World

I live in a remote community that 135 people call home.  On a good day in the summer I might have 15 locals come into my galley, and they seldom come to shop!  All they want is companionship.  They sit around and drink a bottomless cup of coffee that costs them $1.25 and when they've heard all the day's gossip they go home.  Sure they occasionally by a gift or a card, but I can't live on the income they generate for me.

But I survive because my website brings me somewhere between 500 and 600 visitors a day!  Some buy, lots don't.

If you have an idea that a website is in your future, give SBI a try!  Solo Build It will give you a no-questions-asked, 90 day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied...and you even get to keep your domain name if you leave!

You don't just have to build a website. . . you could build a business!