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Learn about Canadian Native Art and the first nations artists who are helping to revive a culture in chaos.

Topics:  Native Art, Ojibwa Culture, Ojibwa Spirituality, Eastern Woodland Indians, Tanning Hides, Birchbark Canoes

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Canadian Native Art - a Cultural Perspective by an Ojibwa Artist

First Nations Art - the Ojibwa connection to the Woodland School

Native Art came out of the wilderness

The Indian Group of Seven and the birth of the Woodlands School of Art

Influence of the Indian Group of Seven

Woodland Art

Symbolism in Woodland Art

Woodlands School and the Cultural Renaissance

Influence of the Woodland School

The Second Wave of Canadian Native Artists


Native Artists

Native American Spirituality

The Ojibwa

Ojibwa Food

Woodland Indians

Birchbark Canoes

Tanning Hides