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Pandemic Knocked You Down?

Could a Website Really Earn You Money?
Maybe.  Maybe Not.

But Google Pays ME Every Month!

Here's My Story . . .

When my back gave me grief, my hip collapsed and my knees actually creaked, I had to stop traveling across the country selling my art and telling my stories. 

I wasn't able to retire and I needed to replace that income. I decided it was time to finally get a website and make money online.

I knew nothing about how to build a website

So I asked my techie son to put his life on hold and take care of the problem for me.

He declined.

I reminded him that I'd changed some very stinky diapers over the years and even taught him to drive.

He politely reminded me that he had to make a living and suggested that I was a big girl and should paddle my own canoe. 


As it turned out it, was really lucky that my son abandoned me in my time of need. 

If he'd bent to my will, he would have spent weeks and weeks writing code to re-invent the "build-your-own-website-wheel" and I'd have ended up with a beautiful website. 

He's a programmer and software engineer. 

But he's not a businessman.

I Needed to Build a Business

I didn't know that at the time. 

I thought that if I threw up a website people would find it, read my stories and throw money back at me.


There are more than 200 million websites floating around the internet.

How could an eighty year old Ojibwa great-grandmother who grew up on a trapline two hundred miles north of nowhere expect to get found midst all that fake news?

I thought you'd never ask. 

The secret is . . .

Give the Search Engines What They Want

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are in the business of providing you and me with information.  They've spent millions of dollars developing algorithms and software that allows their "spiders" to travel through webpage after webpage gathering information about the contents of each site. 

When the spiders get home their information goes through some heavy duty analysis. 

Because . . .

Search Engines Want to Direct Users to
the Best 
Sources of Information on the Web

Pointing us in the direction of that information is their business. 

So they analyze the bazillion bits of data and info that the spiders collect and rank the pages from best to worst.

A website page about "snow tires" that ranks on the first page of a Google Search has more traffic than a page about "snow tires" that ranks on page 23, or page 96, or page 23,482.

That's a fact. 

This website has 133 pages.  Twenty five of those pages rank on the first page of Google Search.  Another 17 pages rank on the second or third page of Google Search and are moving up. 

Here's Another Fact

If you want to make money from your website you MUST have traffic. 

If you just want to put up a website for your son's soccer team, your family's reunion or to share how you tracked the secret life of cats in your neighbourhood, you won't be needing thousands of visitors.  There are lots of web hosting companies that will let you build a site for free.

But if you have bigger dreams you need some expert help.  

Here's Why You Need Help

Website hosting companies make money hosting websites.  It's in their interest to paint a rosy financial future to prospective purchasers. They provide software that makes stunning websites.  They don't provide the education that you need to be a successful web entrepreneur. They have your money.  You're on your own.

And there's so many things you need to know BEFORE you register a domain name or write your first page.

  • What makes a strong site concept?
  • What makes a profitable niche with that site concept?
  • What search terms are people using and how many thousands of websites are already writing pages using those search terms?
  • How can I assess the monetization potential of my ideas? 
  • I don't have anything to sell.  How else can I make money?
  • What makes a good domain name?

I use and love Solo-Build-It!  For years I've recommended it to my friends and family.

Today I'm recommending it to you.

Solo-Build-It! Provides ALL the Answers

Solo-Build-It! is the online service that helped me build a website that gets traffic. 

SBI helped me lay a solid foundation before I wrote a single page.   I was like earning a Masters of Business Administration with a major in websites! 

I stumbled onto SBI and signed up for several  reasons:

  • I read about the results that many of their subscribers have attained by just faithfully following the SBI Action Guide one step at a time.
  • I read about how to prove to yourself that the websites on the SBI Results pages are really getting the traffic they say they are.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I noted that no other web hosting company shows you the web address of any of their supposedly successful sites.  They might quote "Tom from London" or "Sheila from Los Angeles", but they never, ever give you the name of Tom and Sheila's websites so that you can see and verify the results for yourself.
  • I read and was amazed at the tools that Solo-Build-It provides as part of the package ... and their videos only touch the surface!

I was impressed. 

But this was the REAL reason I signed up with SBI.

A 90 Day Trial with Money Back Guarantee

Solo Build It! comes with unmatched levels of success and a 90 day risk-free trial.

That puts all of the pressure on SBI to put their money where their mouth is and it gives you the world's best reward/risk ratio.

Sometimes, you simply have to act. Eliminate all doubt by getting started with SBI!.

It's only then that you'll absolutely know if SBI! is right for you...

  • If it is, you have a product that can have a huge impact on your life
  • If it isn't, you lose nothing.  If you ask for your money back you get to keep your domain name so that you can try to build a site with some other company.

Still not sure?  You can get answers straight from the horse's mouth here.

I hope you eventually decide to take the plunge.  Say "Hi!"  to me in the Forums if you do. 


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