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Brian Marion

Brian Marian - Thunderchild

In 1975, Brian Marion began a nine year apprenticeship with Norval Morrisseau, considered to be the Father of the Canadian Woodland art. According to Morrisseau, "During those years of training, Brian learned both the spiritualism of the Ojibway culture and the techniques of Shaman art."

"As an artist," Morrisseau continues, "he has learned to apply colour to forms that were derived, in part, from ancient pictographs still found in the central region of Canada. While he developed his artistic talents, he was taught to use the meanings of the legends as a basis for the composition of his paintings. He has acquired the knowledge from the visions of our people and has come to understand our close ties with nature. He has been able to get inspiration from his native spirituality and with the blessing of the Creator, add his own emotional and intuitive interpretations to produce beautiful art."

Buffalo Child portrays a young man on his quest into manhood, seeking the spirit of the Buffalo and his first time out on the hunt. Thunder Child represents a young man on a Vision Quest in his journey to become a shaman--seeking guidance into the spirit world

Born in 1960 in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Brian grew up amongst the Saulteaux and Cree of the Prairies and the Ojibway people of Northwestern Ontario.

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