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Cyril Assiniboine

Native Artist of the Woodlands School

Cyril Assiniboine painting of a pow wow dancer called "To the Beat of the Drum"Cyril Assiniboine - To the Beat of the Drum

Cyril Assiniboine, Saulteux Ojibwa, was born on the Long Plains First Nation community near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba in 1958.

Another self taught native artist, Cyril likes to illustrate the cultural traditions of his own people as well as the traditions of other native cultures.

His style changes to fit his subject matter. For example he's been a pow wow dancer across Canada and the United States and when he's painting the actions of the dancers and rhythms of the drums he uses deep rich colours in a representational manner.

But deeply embedded in his early works are the symbols and legends of the plains Ojibwa interwoven with the prairie landscape. Tall grass, buffalo, wolves, horses and mythical faces sought an accommodation with modern Euro-American mainstream society...a statement about a First Nation's culture seeking its rightful place within a large culture.

Cyril Assiniboine's Best Known Images
are of Pow Wow Dancers

Cyril began his long association with Wahsa Gallery in Winnipeg in 1982.  A year later Wahsa hosted his first one man show.  Over the years that gallery published several limited edition prints and art cards which have been distributed across the country.

Dog Soldier and To the Beat of the Drum were published in 1997.

A series of four prints will be available here soon.

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