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Linus Woods

Linus Woods is a Dakota Ojibway from the Long Plain First Nation in Southern Manitoba. He was born June 3, 1967.

Although he was in the Native Studies courses at Brandon University, he is best known as a self taught artist who uses mixed media - mainly oils and acrylics in layered compositions - to give a contemporary expression to the stories and legends of the Plains Ojibwa.

Linus sees his paintings as expressions and extensions of his spiritual journey. His art features acrylic, oil and collage on canvas, pastel palettes and geometric shapes, and collaged images.

The paintings are not literal narratives of the events he portrays. The rich layered surfaces of his works mimic the depth of the legends, his dreams, and the influence of the Long Plains landscape.

He has shown at Wahsa Gallery, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Brandon University and at the Peace Hill Trust Exhibit in Fredericton, NB. as well as other shows and exhibitions.

The above work was featured in a 2008 exhibit at the Wah-sa Gallery in 2008 and is available as an art card.

Linus Woods is a winner of a the Peace Hills Trust Company Art Competition. His work can be seen in the Peace Hills Trust Collection, Winnipeg Children's Hospital, Long Plain First Nation, Curtis Joony Productions, Brandon University and Mae Moore.

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