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Time for a Chat

And Some More Sibling Rivalry

Saturday morning always saw families going to town for supplies. The mothers looked upon it as a time for a chat with conversations often going like this - "Then he said...and then I said."

My brother and I, on the other hand, knew that it was a time to continue our battle of wills.

When we went to town my mother would give us each five cents to spend...assuming we hadn't annoyed her too much with our bickering.

Our eternal problem was that what we really wanted to buy was a ten cent comic book but we could never agree long enough to make two nickels equal one dime.

Of course it was always my brothers fault. He would insist on buying something totally rediculous like Superman. And of course you and I know that Archie would have been a better choice.

Notice that a decision, of sorts, has been made.

I'm spending my nickel on penny candy and Superman is being read in the store by my sulky brother.

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