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Sweeping the Floor

By First Nations Artist Nokomis

I think this image of my mother and I sweeping the floor represents all the tedious little jobs that have to be done by women the world over to keep hearth and home functioning.

At the time, I didn't give much thought to the possibility that housework might also be done by men... it was just something Mom and I did together.

Mind you, if Mom and I went to town together I know that my Dad looked after things around the house and took good care of my younger brothers. He didn't grumble about it either, But on the other hand if Mom was available I don't think it ever occurred to him to help her cook or clean or look after the little ones. He'd sit and watch and chat and busy himself with other things like making repairs but didn't move a finger to do the housework.

My brother sometimes helped in the house, but more often than not it was his job to bring in the wood, or sit at the edge of the lake and catch a fish. And of course, boys were trained to hunt from a very young age so he was often out with Dad.

Occasionally, when Mom was busy, I had to do some of the chores by myself. When it came to sweeping I sure didn't bother picking the dirt up with a dust pan...that's what the cracks in the floor boards were for!

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